A Study on the Motion of Mass "m" in a Model for Buckling of a Column Using HAFF and EBM

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He's Amplitude-Frequency Formulation (HAFF) and Energy Balance Method (EBM) are applied to obtain an approximate solution of three practical cases in terms of a nonlinear oscillation system. After finding an approximate solution of the nonlinear equation and comparing the obtained results by Numerical solution the effectiveness of the proposed methods with respect to the whole range of involved parameters is revealed as well as the excellent agreement with the approximate frequencies and periodic solutions with the exact ones. It is predicted that HAFF and EBM can be found widely applicable in engineering.
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Nonlinear Oscillation; He's Amplitude-Frequency Formulation (HAFF); Energy Balance Method (EBM); Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF); Two Degrees Of Freedom (TDOF)

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