Vol 8, No 3 (2014)

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Study of Nuclear Binding Energy per Nucleon of Nuclear Matter Based on Three-Body Forces PDF
Khaled S.A. Hassaneen, Soha E. S. Al-Dammas 70-73

Study of the Colloidal Interactions Between Microemulsion Nanodroplets in the Presence of Telechelic Polymers: Theory and Experiment PDF
R. Ahfir, A. Azougarh, M. Benhamou, M. Filali 74-82

A study of the Structural, Mechanical and Dielectrical properties of LaBaCu2Oy PDF
Kareem Ali Jasim, Rihab Nasser Fadhil, H. M. Shatha 83-85

Probing Nuclear Matter at the Extremes through application of Dynamical Cluster-decay Model to Superheavy Nuclei PDF
- Niyti, Manoj K. Sharma, Kirandeep Sandhu, Sahila Chopra, Raj K. Gupta 86-101

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