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Numerical Simulation Measurement of Fracture and Elasticity by Moiré Patterns Experimental with Observations

Mohammedi Ferhat(1*), Zergui Belgacem(2)

(1) University of Biskra, Algeria
(2) University of Biskra, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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Two diffraction gratings placed in front of a flat surface generate an interference pattern representing the surface deformations. The local deformation about fatigue cracks has been investigated by the coherent optics method of moiré interferometry. The complexity of the interference fringe patterns motivated the parallel development of companion numerical models for simulating moiré interferometric response for known boundary conditions. Experimental patterns are here examined in the light of computer-generated fringe systems for a stationary crack in elastic as well as elastoplastic solids. Various effects due to material plasticity, specimen-dependent nonsingular stress, and mixed mode loading are identified in the fringe patterns. The high sensitivity of moiré interferometry permits quantitative analysis in the small- strain domain. We discuss the theory used and obtain general expressions for evaluation of slope and curvature by means of projection moiré. Severally examples models illustrate possible application of model and the method proposed.
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Numerical Simulation; Crack Tips; Crack Propagation; Moiré fringes; Diffractions Patterns; Elastic Properties; Gratings

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