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Ohm’s Law Explains Phenomenon of the Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Alexander Alexandrovich Antonov(1*)

(1) Research Centre of Information Technologies “TELAN, Electronics", Ukraine
(*) Corresponding author

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There is no more important issue in modern astrophysics than explanation of dark matter and dark energy discovered in the last century. However, despite the efforts of astrophysicists, in the past decade they have failed to approach to the target. The article argues that such result has been caused by incorrect statement of task which implied that dark matter and dark energy should be explained only within the concept of Monoverse corresponding to the current version of special theory of relativity which has proved to have no solution. It is shown that the current version of the theory is refuted by Ohm’s law, which, in the interpretation of Steinmetz, allows not only calculation of electric LCR-circuits, but also proof of physical reality of imaginary numbers. Thus, it refutes the current version of the special theory of relativity. The paper presents the adjusted relativistic formulas of the theory of special relativity, taking into account the principle of physical reality of imaginary numbers. Such adjusted formulas have supposed the concept of the hidden Multiverse. Dark matter and dark energy corresponds to other, apart from ours, invisible parallel universes of the hidden Multiverse.
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Dark Energy; Dark Matter; Imaginary Numbers; Multiverse; Ohm’s Law; Special Theory of Relativity

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