Vol 3, No 4 (2015)

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Dilation and Strain Effects on the Big End Journals Bearings PDF
B. Mansouri, A. Bounif, T. Tamine 79-86

Generation of Point to Point Trajectories for Robotic Manipulators Under Electro-Mechanical Constraints PDF
T. Chettibi, P. Lemoine 87-99

Optimization of the Conditions of Machining Based on a Criterion Combined by Genetic Algorithms PDF
D. Djari, M. Assas, M. Djenane, A. Belkacem Bouzida, H. Mazouz 100-104

Study of a Thermal Ionization Source for a Cs+ Ion Probe: Modeling and Simulations Towards an Optimization of the Design PDF
M. Lazard, T. Wirtz, P. Corvisier, H.-N. Migeon 105-111

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