Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

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Designing Discrete Time Optimal Controller for Double Inverted Pendulum System PDF
Mohammad Reza Rahimi, Reza Ghasemi, Davoud Sanaei 1-5

Development of a Research Platform for Power Electronic Converter Modeling Using Decoupled Analytical Method in Real Time Digital Simulation Applications PDF
S. Umashankar, D. Vijayakumar, Mandar Bhalekar, Surabhi Chandra, D. P. Kothari 6-11

Influence of the Volumetric Contents of a Fiber on an Elastic - Plastic Condition of Fibrous Materials PDF
A. M. Polatov 12-16

Application of a New Algorithm to a Generalized Nonlinear Oscillator PDF
E. Edfawy 17-19

An Algorithm Based Levenberg Marquardt Method with Genetic Algorithm for Solving Continuation Problems PDF
Hala A. Omar, El-Sayed M. Zaky, Gamal Ibrahim, Ahmed Elsawy 20-30

Solving Numerical Computation Problems Using a Few Artificial Neurons PDF
Mohammad Reza Bonyadi, Hamed Shah-Hosseini 31-41

Numerical Analysis of Slopes Stability and Shallow Foundations Behavior at Crest Under Real Seismic Loading - Reinforcement Effect PDF
H. Mekdash, F. Hage Chehade, M. Sadek 42-46

Numerical Simulation of Thermal Behavior Airflow Facades Building in Arid Zone PDF
A. Missoum, A. Slimani, B. Draoui, R. Khelfaoui, M. Bouanini, R. Belarbi 47-56

Numerical Modeling of Nanofluid Heat Transfer in a Pipe PDF
Zohreh Mansoori, Majid Saffar-Avval, Shiva Taghavi 57-64

A Numerical Solution for Large Deformation of Compliant Cantilever Beams Under Combined Loads PDF
Xuefeng Yang, Wei Li, YuFei Liu 65-69

Two-Dimensional Theoretical and Numerical Approach of Pollutant Transport in the Lowest Layers of the Atmosphere PDF
Ilham Aberdane, Kamal Gueraoui, Mohammed Taibi, Abdelhak Ghouli, Abdellah El Hammoumi, Mohammed Cherraj, Mohammed Kerroum, Myrieme Walid, Omar Fassi Fihri, Yehia Mohammed Haddad 70-78

An Accurate Numerical Method to Predict Fluid Flow in a Shear Driven Cavity PDF
Mohd Rody M. Zin, Nor Azwadi C. Sidik 79-85

An Easy Approach to Numerical Computation of Spherical Shell Capacitance Using Finite Difference Method PDF
Omonowo D. Momoh, Matthew N. O. Sadiku 86-91

Large Eddy Simulation of a Compressible Flow in a Locally Heated Square Duct PDF
Souheïl El Alimi, Cécile Münch, Abbès Azzi, Patrick Bégou, Sassi Ben Nasrallah 92-96

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