Greenhouse Air Temperature Control Using Fuzzy PD+I and Neuro-Fuzzy Hybrid System Controller

Fatah Bounaama(1*), Khelifa Lammari(2), Belkacem Draoui(3)

(1) Institut de Génie Mécanique, Université de Béchar, Algeria
(2) Institut de Génie Mécanique, Université de Béchar, Algeria
(3) Institut de Génie Mécanique, Université de Béchar, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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This work describes the application of fuzzy logic control (FLC) and neuro-fuzzy hybrid system for temperature regulation in agricultural process. The treated greenhouse is considered a non- linear SISO process and subject to strong external disturbances. The inside outsides climate model of the environmental greenhouse, and the automatically collected data sets of Avignon, France are used to simulate and test the proposed method. The control objective is to maintain inside air temperature of an almost closed greenhouse at a specified set-point by manipulating the heating air flux.
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Climate Model; Greenhouse; Temperature; FLC; Neuro-Fuzzy Hybrid System

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