A Nonlinear Backstepping Controller for Power Systems Terminal Voltage and Rotor Speed Controls

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In this article, we apply novel nonlinear control approach to a synchronous power generator driven by steam turbine and connected to an infinite bus based on backstepping technique. The aim is to obtain high dynamic performances for the terminal voltage and the rotor speed simultaneously under a large sudden fault and a wide range of operating conditions. The stabilizing feedback law for the power system is shown to be globally asymptotically stable in the context of Lyapunov theory. The detailed derivations of the control have been given for controller design.  The effectiveness of the proposed novel control action is demonstrated through some computer simulations on a single-Machine-Infinite-Bus (SMIB) power system and compared with classical linear control. Simulation results confirm that the proposed controller can effectively improve the voltage stability, damp oscillation and enhance the transient stability of power system.
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Backstepping Design; Lyapunov Method; Non Linear Control; Synchronous Generator; Transient Stability

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