A Numerical Investigation of Oscillating Flow in Pipes

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Periodically oscillating flow of an incompressible, Newtonian fluid through a tube with a constant circular cross section is computationally investigated by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Special attention is paid to achieve a proper problem definition as well as an accurate mathematical and numerical description. This includes the definition of the solution domain and boundary conditions, the application of spatial and temporal discretization schemes and resolutions, as well as a turbulence model that can principally cope with local relaminarization near the walls and possible temporal relaminarization effects during the oscillations. Laminar and turbulent cases are investigated. In the laminar cases, the results are compared with analytical solutions. In case of turbulent flow, the predictions are compared with empirical correlations. In all considered cases a very good performance of the present simulation procedure is observed. Thus, the approach can be taken as basis for a reliable simulation of periodically oscillating flows in conduits, as encountered in various applications.
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Oscillating Flow; Pipe Flow; Shear Stress Transport Turbulence Model; CFD

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