Nonlinear Optical Properties of Liquid Crystals

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The nonlinear optical properties (nonlinear refractive index, nonlinear absorption coefficient) of several types of liquid crystals (LCs) are studied using Z- scan technique at room temperature and a semiconductor laser operating at 1550nm wavelength. Five samples have been investigated; E7, MLC 6241-000 and the other prepared by mixing the previous two LCs in different proportions (25% E7 with 75% MLC 6241-000, 50% E7 with 50% MLC 6241-000, and 75% E7 with 25% MLC 6241-000). The magnitude of nonlinear refractive index for the five samples are found to be 1.063×10-6, -8.802×10-6cm2/mW -7.627×10-6, -4.116×10-6, and 6.1×10-6, respectively, while the magnitude of the nonlinear absorption coefficient are 0.503, 0.5511, 0.856, 0.759, and 0.9353 cm/mW, respectively.
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Z- Scan; Liquid Crystal; Nonlinear Optical Properties

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