A New Approach to MPPT

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In this paper we propose a new approach for calculating the maximum power point of photovoltaic panels (MPP)  which seems simpler and more effective; this approach is based on the implementation of an asymptotic line to the curve (I, V) which detects the operation point. This new method has an added benefit, it calculates in a simple way the optimal voltage and current. By moving this line asymptotically on the characteristic of the panel without use of the perturbation in the system (for example P&O method) or simplifying assumptions (for example incremental conductance method, our system can be managed easily with linear polynomial equations. In our proposed algorithm, the MPP is predefined and depending on the parameters of any point of the characteristic (I, V), the algorithm is less complex and more flexible in the dynamic (changing the irradiance and temperature)
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MPPT; Asymptotic Line; MPP; Fictitious Short Circuit; Fictitious Open Circuit

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