Development of a Research Platform for Power Electronic Converter Modeling Using Decoupled Analytical Method in Real Time Digital Simulation Applications

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This paper presents the research platform for real time digital simulation applications which replaces the requirement of full scale or partial scale validation of physical systems. To illustrate this, a three phase AC-DC-AC converter topology has been used with diode rectifier, dc link and ideal two level inverter with inductive load. Because of natural decoupling between rectifier and inverter, it is easy to solve the state equation with reduced order system using decoupled method. This method utilizes analytical to formulate the state equations and to rectify the zero crossing errors taylor’s method of interpolation has been implemented which leads to variable step time during that instant otherwise fixed step size of 100 μS is used. The proposed algorithm has been validated in simulation and real time controller domain. Performance of the converter is evaluated based on accuracy, zero crossing and tabulated
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Sampling Time; Real Time; Variable Step; Interpolation; Converter; Decoupled; Analytical

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