Vol 16, No 3 (2023)

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Investigating the Impact of Temperature and Interlayer Defects on the Efficiency of Mo/ZnTe/ZnSe/SnO2 Heterojunction Thin Film Solar Cells: a SCAPS-1D Simulation Study PDF
Samer H. Zyoud, Ahed H. Zyoud 120-128

Design and Analysis of Intrusion Detection System Based on Ensemble Deep Neural Network and XAI PDF
Monika Khatkar, Kaushal Kumar, Brijesh Kumar 129-136

Hybrid Versus Distance Learning Choice for Engineering Students: a Statistical Analysis Case Study of Undergraduate-Level Mechanical Engineering Course PDF
Ala’a Bataineh, Wafa Batayneh, Ibtesam Alomari 137-145

Evaluation Through Numerical Modeling of the Performance and Economic Parameters in a Hybrid System with a Photovoltaic Cell and Thermoelectric Generator PDF
Jhan Piero Rojas Suárez, Arles Ortega, Mawency Vergel Ortega 146-154

Ultrasonic Based Testing Method for the Symmetry and Dissymmetry Analysis of the Bonding Quality of a Three-Layer Bonded Structure PDF
Brahim Irissi, Idris Aboudaoud, Driss Izbaim, El Houssaine Ouacha, Hicham Lotfi, Bouazza Faiz 155-165

Deadlock Detection and Avoidance in FMS with Shared Resources Using Timed Colored Petri Net PDF
Assem Hatem Taha, Zubaidah Muataz, Muataz Hazza Faizi Al Hazza 166-177

A Comparative Study of Different Feeding Schemes on the Performance of Shorted-Loop Antenna for Wireless Applications PDF
Saqer S. Alja’Afreh 178-184

Simulation and Optimization of an Aluminum Extrusion Process Using FEM and Artificial Intelligence PDF
Mohammad Ahmad Omari, Mutasem Abdelrahim 185-193

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