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A Comparative Analysis of THD Simulation in an Asymmetric Cascaded Multilevel Inverter PDF
Javier Loranca Coutiño, Jesus Aguayo Alquicira, Abraham Claudio Sánchez, Luis G. Vela Valdés, Rodolfo Amalio Vargas Méndez, Jaime Arau, Marco Antonio Rodríguez Blanco 1728-1738

An Innovative Isolated Bidirectional Soft-Switched Battery Charger for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle PDF
Seyyedmilad Ebrahimi, Farid Khazaeli, Farzad Tahami, Hashem Oraee 1739-1745

Performance Evaluation of Multicarrier SPWM Techniques for Single Phase Seven Level Cascaded Embedded Z-Source Inverter PDF
T. Sengolrajan, B. Shanthi, S. P. Natarajan 1746-1752

Adaptive Neural Network with Heuristic Learning Rule for Series Active Power Filter PDF
Behzad Ghazanfarpour, Mohd Amran Mohd Radzi, Norman Bin Mariun 1753-1759

Two Stage KY Converter Voltage Ripple Reduction and Load Regulation by Neuro Fuzzy Controller PDF
K. Balaji, S. Karthikumar, K. Suresh Manic 1760-1765

Mitigation of Harmonics in Matrix Converter System Using Anfis Controller PDF
S. Chinnaiya, S. U. Prabha 1766-1770

Islanding Detection Method without Non-Detection Zone Based on Usage of Single Parameter (ISDET) Calculated from Voltages PDF
H. Laaksonen 1771-1779

Effects of Wind Turbine Power Curve in Wind Speed Prediction Errors PDF
Diogo Leal de Faria, Rui Castro 1780-1786

Observations on Locational Marginal Price in a Double Auction Deregulated Power System PDF
Arunachalam Sundaram, M. Abdullah Khan 1787-1793

Improvement of Power Quality in Distribution System Using Fuzzy - Unit Vector Controller PDF
T. Guna Sekar, R. Anita 1794-1800

Evaluation of the Sympathetic Interaction between Three 150MVA Power Transformers During Energizing the Third Transformer in Shahr-e-Kord 400/63kV Substation PDF
Behzad Sedaghat, Hamed Mehrvarz, Mehdi Jalali Mashayekhi 1801-1808

A Novel Performance Index for Placement of Distributed Generation in Distribution System PDF
D. Sattianadan, M. Sudhakaran, S. Vidyasagar, K. Vijayakumar 1809-1813

An Adaptive Hysteresis Band Current Controller Based DSTATCOM for Enhancement of Power Quality with Various Load PDF
Ramesh Jayaraman, Albert Victoire T. Aruldoss 1814-1820

A Multi-Objective Contingency Constrained Optimal Power Flow Based on Composite Security Index Using Genetic Algorithm and Newton Method PDF
R. Sunitha, R. Sreerama Kumar, Abraham T. Mathew 1821-1830

Voltage Constrained Maximum Loadability Analysis in Power System Using FACTS PDF
A. Anbarasan, M. Y. Sanavullah, S. Ramesh 1831-1836

Non-Iterative Optimization Algorithm Based D-STATCOM for Power Quality Enhancement PDF
S. Premalatha, Subhransu Sekhar Dash, J. Arun Venkatesh, N. K. Rayaguru 1837-1848

PV Supported DVR and D-STATCOM for Mitigating Power Quality Issues PDF
S. Premalatha, Subhransu Sekhar Dash, D. Sunitha, R. Mohanasundaram 1849-1857

Open and Short Circuit Diagnosis of a VSI Fed Three Phase Induction Motor Drive Using Fuzzy Logic Technique PDF
K. Mohanraj, S. Paramasivam, Subhransu Sekhar Dash, Ahmed Faheem Zobaa 1858-1864

A Comparative Study of IP, Fuzzy Logic and Sliding Mode Controllers in a Speed Vector Control of Induction Motor PDF
Abderrahim Bennassar, Ahmed Abbou, Mohammed Akherraz Akherraz 1865-1871

PI and Fuzzy Hysteresis Current Controlled Inverter for PMSM Based EVs Drives PDF
F. Grouz, L. Sbita 1872-1878

Use of the Short Time Fourier Transform for Induction Motor Broken Bars Detection PDF
Fethi Ameur Aimer, Ahmed Hamida Boudinar, Azeddine Bendiabdellah 1879-1883

Diagnosis of Stator Winding Short Circuit Fault in Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Machine PDF
K. Deepa, P. Vanaja Ranjan, S. Deepa 1884-1890

Improved Genetic Algorithm Identification of the Squirrel-Cage Induction Machine Parameters PDF
Mohamed Moutchou, Hassan Mahmoudi 1891-1898

BLDC Motor Control Using Simulink Matlab and PCI PDF
Bambang Sujanarko, Bambang Sri Kaloko, Moh. Hasan 1899-1906

Analysis of DC Bus Fault and Line Faults on Voltage Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor PDF
K. Mohanraj, S. Paramasivam, Subhransu Sekhar Dash, S. Ramprasad 1907-1913

A Novel Approach for an Enhanced High Frequency Single Stage Matrix Converter for Induction Heating Application PDF
P. Umasankar, S. Senthil Kumar 1914-1921

Time-Harmonic Modelling of Two-Winding Transformers Using the Finite Element Technique PDF
Slavko Vujević, Dino Lovrić, Zdenko Balaž, Stipe Gaurina 1922-1928

Evaluation of Dispersion Models for Predicting Carbon Monoxide Concentrations from Motor Vehicles in a Metropolitan Area PDF
Paolo Iodice, A. Senatore 1929-1932

Modelling of a Working Cycle of an Electro-Hydraulic Forklift in Matlab Simulink PDF
Tatiana A. Minav, Denis M. Filatov, Juha J. Pyrhönen, Matti Pietola 1933-1938

Forward Models with Cluster Validity Criteria Applied in Ballistic Reaching for Visual Servoing PDF
Daniel Fernando Tello Gamarra 1939-1947

Optimal Design to Improve the Tensile Strength of Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys PDF
M. Muthu Krishnan, Marimuthu Krishnaswamy 1948-1954

ANN Modeling of Forced Convection Solar Air Heater PDF
P. T. Saravanakumar, K. Mayilsamy, V. Boopathi Sabareesh 1955-1960

Hybrid Control Scheme for Pursuing Performance of an Anti-Lock Brake System PDF
Mohammed H. AL-Mola, Musa Mailah, Pakharuddin bin Mohd Samin, Abdul Halim Muhaimin 1961-1967

Multiloop PI Controller Tuning for Maximum Gasoline Yield in an Industrial Catalytic Cracking Unit PDF
M. Mythily, D. Manamalli 1968-1979

COMSOL Multiphysics Simulations of the Hydrogen Microwave Plasma Characteristics PDF
Mohamed El Haim, Mimoun El Hammouti, Hassan Chatei, Mohamed Atounti, Mohamed El Bojaddaini 1980-1986

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