Vol 6, No 3 (2013)

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On the Use of Pulse Height Modulation for Harmonic Cancellation in a Six-Level Inverter Topology PDF
Sid-Ali Amamra, Kamal Meghriche, Eric Monacelli, Abderrezzak Cherifi 676-683

Harmonic Reduction of Fuzzy PI Controller Based Three-Phase Seven-Level DCMLI with SVPWM for Grid Connected Photovoltaic System PDF
M. Valan Rajkumar, P. S. Manoharan 684-692

Neuro Fuzzy Controller for Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Multilevel Inverter PDF
P. Karuppusamy, A. M. Natarajan 693-705

Total Harmonic Distortion Reduction for n-level Cascaded H-Bridge Boost Inverter Using Hybrid Method PDF
S. Veerakumar, A. Nirmalkumar 706-715

Real Time Implementation of Multi Carrier Based PWM Techniques for Single Phase Nine Level Trinary Source CMLI Using dSPACE PDF
E. Sambath, S. P. Natarajan, T. S. Anandhi 716-721

Analysis of PWM Strategy for Reduction of Conducted Electromagnetic Interference in an Adjustable-Speed AC Motor Drive PDF
Chaiyan Jettanasen 722-727

A New State-Dependent of Sliding Mode Control for Three-Phase Induction Motor Drives PDF
Marizan Sulaiman, Fizatul Aini Patakor, Zulkifilie Ibrahim 728-735

Hot Resistance Estimation for 8/6 Switched Reluctance Machine Using Artificial Intelligence PDF
E. Annie Elisabeth Jebaseeli, S. Paramasivam 736-740

Performance Study of Field Oriented Controlled Induction Machine in Field Weakening Using SPWM and SVM Fed Inverters PDF
G. K. Nisha, Z. V. Lakaparampil, S. Ushakumari 741-752

Design of Embedded Controller for Web-Based Remote Diagnostics of Electrical Drives PDF
R. Subramaniyan, R. Ramesh 753-760

Analysis of Flux Barrier Location with Permanent Magnets in Improving the Performance of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Motor Using Finite Element Method PDF
D. Vimalakeerthy, N. Kanagaraj, M. Y. Sanavullah 761-766

Modeling and Control of the PMSG for the Wind Energy Conversion System with the CHB Inverter with the New Selective Harmonic Elimination Technique PDF
T. Porselvi, Ranganath Muthu 767-773

The Direct Torque Control of BLDC Motor in the Modes without Flux Control and by Using Flux Control PDF
Hassan Mirzaei, Mohammad Reza Alizadeh Pahlavani, Peyman Naderi 774-781

Small-Scale Biomass-Fired Cogeneration, Pellet Production or District Heating: New Criteria for Selecting the Most Profitable Solution PDF
R. Giglioli, D. Poli 782-794

Impact of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle in Distributed Generation and Smart Grid: a Brief Review PDF
Francisco J. Perez-Pinal, Nafia Al-Mutawaly, José Cruz Núñez Pérez 795-806

A Self Adaptive Fuzzy Logic MPPT Controller Based on Genetic Algorithm PDF
Daniele Menniti, Anna Pinnarelli, Nicola Sorrentino, Giovanni Brusco, Alessandro Burgio 807-813

Solving Economic Load Dispatch Problems by Novel TANAN’s Algorithm (NTA) PDF
R. Subramanian, K. Thanushkodi 814-818

A Unit Commitment Solution Using Differential Evolution and Economic Dispatch Using Shuffled Complex Evolution with Principal Component Analysis PDF
N. Malla Reddy, N. Venkata Ramana, K. Ramesh Reddy 819-833

Optimal Placement of FACTS Devices Using Small Population Based Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
D. Karthikaikannan, G. Ravi 834-841

Distributed Generation and Smart Grid Course for an Electrical Engineering Technology Program PDF
Francisco J. Perez-Pinal, Nafia Al-Mutawaly, José Cruz Núñez Pérez 842-852

Optimizing the DR Control of Electric Storage Space Heating Using LP Approach PDF
Mubbashir Ali, Matti Koivisto 853-860

Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Embedded with Simulated Annealing for the Combined Heat and Power Economic Dispatch Problem PDF
R. Murugan, M. R. Mohan 861-871

Analysis of TCSC Placement in Radial Distribution System Through Self Adaptive Hybrid Differential Evolution Algorithm PDF
S. Vijayabaskar, T. Manigandan 872-878

Stability Analysis of DFIG based Wind Turbines Connected to Electric Grid PDF
Krishan Gopal Sharma, Annapurna Bhargava, Kiran Gajrani 879-887

Analysis of Fast Voltage Stability Index on Long Transmission Line Using Power World Simulator PDF
T. R. Shashank, N. B. Rajesh 888-892

Design of Robust Controller for Load Frequency Control in Deregulated Hydro-Thermal System Using Sliding Mode Controlled Strategies PDF
L. Shanmukha Rao, N. Venkata Ramana 893-902

Economic Design of Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System for a Selected Location PDF
P. Vijayapriya, D. P. Kothari, M. Kowsalya 903-909

Optimized Load-Frequency Control in a Two-Area Interconnected Thermal Reheat Power System with Super Capacitor Energy Storage Unit Using BFO Technique PDF
P. Venkatasubramanian, S. Abraham Lincoln, I. A. Chidambaram 910-921

An Improved Search Exploration and Sensibility Based Artificial Bee Colony (ISESABC) Optimization Approach to Solve Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problem PDF
R. Gopalakrishnan, A. Krishnan 922-930

Dual Generator Cluster Transient Stability Assessment Using Swallowtail Catastrophe Theory PDF
I. Bugis, Maithem Hassen Kareem 931-936

The Attenuation Calculation of the Energy Signal of a Gaussian Pulse Propagating in the Human Body to Detect the Heart Beat PDF
Moez Ketata, Alain Loussert, Mohamed Dhieb, Mongi Lahiani, Hamadi Ghariani 937-945

Design and Implementation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Harmonic Compensation PDF
C. Gopinath, R. Ramesh 946-952

Broadband Impedance Matching Techniques for Microwave Amplifiers [10-12] GHz PDF
M. Lahsaini, L. Zenkouar Zenkouar, S. Bri 953-961

Investigation of Electromagnetic Effect of Lightning on Indoor Motion Detectors and Their Cables Using FEM PDF
Ali Sinan Çabuk, Özcan Kalenderli 962-965

Efficient Power Allocation in Turbo Decoded OFDM Systems Using Logarithmic Maximum A-Posteriori Algorithm and Soft Output Viterbi Algorithm Under Various Fading Environments PDF
Sabitha Gauni, R. Kumar, G. Sankardhayalan 966-975

Simulation Studies of Follow Current Struck by 10/350μs Impulse Current PDF
Xiaoming Ren, Zhou Qin 976-980

Biomass and Solar Integration in Low Enthalpy Geothermal Plants PDF
Amedeo Amoresano, G. Langella, Paola De Sio, Santolo Meo 981-987

Effect of the Backlight Angle on the Aero-Acoustics of the C-Pillar PDF
Sajjad Beigmoradi, Asghar Ramezani 988-993

Modeling and Control of Combined Cycle Gas Turbines Using Rowen’s and Vournas’s Models PDF
Mohamed M. Ismail Ali, Mohamed A. Moustafa Hassan 994-1004

State Estimation and Sensor Bias Detection Using Adaptive Linear Kalman Filter PDF
M. Manimozhi, Gutha Snigdha, S. Nagalakshmi, R. Saravana Kumar 1005-1010

Thermal Buckling of Functionally Graded Material Plates with Actuator-Actuator Piezoelectric Layers Based on Different Plates Theories PDF
Reza Shahveh, Javad Mohammadi, Ali Kordi Broujeni, Shahrooz Yousefzadeh 1011-1022

Theoretical and Experimental Estimation of the Hysteretic Component of Friction for a Visco-Elastic Material Sliding on a Rigid Rough Surface PDF
F. Farroni, R Russo Sarno, F. Timpone 1023-1030

NonLinear Discrete-Time Gain-Scheduling Control for Affine Nonlinear Polynomial Systems PDF
Samia Charfeddine, Houssem Jerbi, Lassaâd Sbita 1031-1041

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