Vol 6, No 2 (2013)

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Analysis of Soft Switching Interleaved Boost Converters for Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Using MATLAB Simulation PDF
P. Manimekalai, R. Harikumar 311-316

Soft Switching Scheme for a Post-Regulated Current-Fed Push-Pull Converter PDF
Ajith Vijayan, K. Deepa, M. Vijaya Kumar 317-322

Design and Implementation of 30W DC-DC Converter for Aerospace Application PDF
T. Deepti, K. Deepa, M. Vijay Kumar 323-328

Photovoltaic Power Generation Using Interleaved Soft Switching Boost Converter-Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter PDF
V. Indragandhi, P. Veena, R. Jeyabharath 329-335

Isolated High Boost DC-DC Flyback Converter PDF
A. Gopi, N. S. Harikrishna, R. Saravanakumar 336-341

Modeling, Simulation and Harmonic Reduction of Three-Phase Multilevel Cascaded Inverters with SVPWM for Photovoltaic System PDF
M. Valan Rajkumar, P. S. Manoharan 342-350

Active Clamp Zero Voltage Switching Multiple Output Flyback Converter with Voltage Doubler PDF
K. Deepa, Sanitha Mary Kurian, Kumar M. Vijaya 351-359

A Luenberger State Observer for Stator Resistance Estimation in Sensorless Induction Motor Drives PDF
Cherifi Djamila, Miloud Yahia, Tahri Ali 360-369

Neural Network Based Modeling and Predictive Position Control of Traveling Wave Ultrasonic Motor Using Chaotic Genetic Algorithm PDF
Mohammad Jahani Moghaddam, Hamed Mojallali 370-379

Position Sensorless Robust Control of PMSM Using the Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm PDF
Khira Dchich, Abderrahmen Zaafouri, Mohamed Jemli, Adel Chbeb 380-386

Sensorless Sliding Mode-Backstepping Control of the Induction Machine, Using Sliding Mode-MRAS Observer PDF
M. Moutchou, H. Mahmoudi, A. Abbou 387-395

Comparative Study of PI and Fuzzy DC Voltage Control for a Wind Energy Conversion System PDF
Mohamed Barara, Ahmed Abbou, Mohammed Akherraz 396-401

Successive and Parallel Optimization of Linear Actuator Behaviors PDF
Imen Amdouni, Lilia El Amraoui 402-411

Design and Simulation of PV Driven Three Phase Induction Motor PDF
Muthamizhan Thiyagarajan, R. Ramesh 412-418

Analysis of FEA Based Simulation for Torque and Force Calculation of SEIG for Wind Power Application PDF
R. Janakiraman, S. Paramasivam 419-425

Successive Zooming Optimization and its Application to Voltage Stability Problem PDF
Vivek Kumar, C. Subramani 426-430

Contribution to the Study of Simulation of Hybrid Systems (Wind-PV) for the Pumping of Water in Arid Areas PDF
Benabdelkader Mustapha, Malek Ali, Draoui Belkacem 431-440

Broken Conductor Detection on Power Distribution Feeder PDF
Marizan Bin Sulaiman, Adnan Hasan Tawafan, Zulkifilie Bin Ibrahim 441-449

Short Term Load Forecasting Using BP Neural Network Optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
M. A. Farahat, A. F. Abd Elgawed, H. M. M. Mustafa, A. Ibrahim 450-454

Transient Stability Analysis in Wind Diesel Hybrid System with Fuzzy-PI Based FACTS Controllers PDF
Asit Mohanty, Pragyan P. Mohanty, Sthitapragyan Mohanty 455-464

Optimal Location of Thyristor-Controlled Series Compensator for Optimal Power Flows PDF
F. Lakdja, D. Ould Abdeslam, F. Z. Gherbi 465-472

Static Var Compensators & Power System Stabilizers with Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controllers in Wind Farms PDF
Manju Perinchery, Subbiah Veerana 473-479

Stability Enhancement of a Multimachine System Using STATCOM with Supplementary Controller PDF
G. Maya, Elizabeth P. Cheriyan, Jeevamma Jacob 480-489

A Goal Programming Approach for Optimal PMU Placement PDF
Vahid H. Khiabani, Mohsen Hamidi, Kambiz Farahmand, Rasool Aghatehrani 490-497

Design of D-STATCOM for Power Factor Correction in a Medium Transmission Line Using Vector Based Hysteresis Current Controller PDF
S. Vishnuvardhan, S. S. Sudharshan, K. Murugesan, Ranganath Muthu 498-503

Active and Reactive Power Flow Control in a Grid Connected and Autonomous Microgrid PDF
Guguloth Ramesh, T. K. Sunil Kumar 504-514

Modeling of PV Standalone Microgrid Based on IEEE Standards, 1562-2007, 1361-2003 and 1013-2007 PDF
Mohammad Seifi, A. Che Soh, A. W. Noor Izzri, Mohd Khair Hassan 515-525

A Hybrid State Estimator with Pseudo-Flows and Pseudo-Injections PDF
Vedran Kirincic, Srdjan Skok, Vladimir Terzija 526-534

Improving Super Grid Performances Using Multifunctional FACTS Controller PDF
Daniele Menniti, Anna Pinnarelli, Nicola Sorrentino, Giovanni Brusco, Alessandro Burgio 535-542

Design of Sliding Mode Observer Based Optimal Controller for Load Frequency Control in Multi Area Deregulated Thermal System Connected with HVDC Link PDF
T. Anil Kumar, N. Venkata Ramana 543-553

Hybrid Conversion Kit Applied to Public Transportation: a Taxi Case Solution PDF
Francisco J. Perez-Pinal, Julio C. Kota-Renteria, José Cruz Núñez Pérez, Nafia Al-Mutawaly 554-559

Modeling, Simulation and Implementation of Low Cost Calibration Method for Active Devices PDF
Abdullah Eroglu 560-566

A Practical Approach to the Design of Power Shunt-Reactors with Discretely Distributed Air-Gaps PDF
Atilla Donuk, Hazım Faruk Bilgin, Muammer Ermis 567-576

Degradation of Surrounding Dielectrics of a Micro-Channel Due to Partial Discharges, Part 2: Parametric Study PDF
Alireza Ashraf Ganjovi 577-587

Numerical Simulation on Mixed Convection in a Square Lid-Driven Cavity Provided with a Vertical Porous Layer of Finite Thickness PDF
Abderrahim Bourouis, Abdeslam Omara 588-599

Dynamic Synthesis of the Rotary Cam and Translated Tappet with Roll PDF
Florian Ion T. Petrescu, Relly Victoria V. Petrescu 600-607

Similarity Coefficient Measures Applied to Assessment the Cell Formation Problem: a Comparative Investigation PDF
Sanaa Ali Hamza, Erry Yulian Triblas Adesta 608-612

Passive Range Estimation Using Two and Three Optical Cameras PDF
M. H. Ferdowsi 613-618

Thermal Simulation Approach to the Cooling of a Power IGBT by Heat Pipe Systems PDF
Driss Améni, Maalej Samah, Zaghdoudi Mohamed Chaker 619-629

An Improved Prediction Model for Drilling Characteristics of Al/SiC Metal Matrix Composites PDF
S. Senthil Babu, B. K. Vinayagam 630-638

Modelling and Controlling of Two Conical Tank Interacting Level System Using Regime Based Multi Model Adaptive Concept PDF
V. R. Ravi, T. Thyagarajan, G. Uma Maheshwaran 639-648

A Spin Ring Crossover Operator Using FPGA PDF
A. Ruhan Bevi, S. Malarvizhi 649-653

Improved Takagi Sugeno Fuzzy Modeling with FLEXFIS-Overlapping Clustering Approach for Efficient Classification Under Conflicts of Interest PDF
S. Anandhavalli, S. K. Srivatsa 654-662

Analysis of Reduced Complexity Nonbinary LDPC Coding Based on Matrix Structure Modifications PDF
M. Anbuselvi, S. Salivahanan 663-667

A New Dual Tree Wavelet Based Image Denoising Using Fuzzy Shrink and Lifting Scheme PDF
G. M. Rajathi, R. Rangarajan 668-675

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