Vol 12, No 4 (2019)

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A Numerical-Experimental Investigation of the Wrinkling Defect in Incremental Forming of Thin Polycarbonate Sheets PDF
Antonio Formisano, Massimo Durante 206-211

Comparison of Experimental and Numerical Performances of a Wind Turbine Airfoil Using XFOIL and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation PDF
Zakaria Belfkira, Hamid Mounir, Abdelghani El Marjani 212-221

Load Indices Based Voltage Profile Assessment of Real Time Distribution System Using Generalized Regression Neural Network PDF
A. Shiny Pradeepa, Chidambaram Vaithilingam 222-229

Reynolds Averaged Navier–Stokes Simulations of the Airflow in a Centrifugal Fan Using OpenFOAM PDF
Jose Sanchez De la Hoz, Guillermo Valencia, Jorge Duarte Forero 230-239

Chaos Control of Third Order Phase Locked Loop Using Sliding Mode Nonlinear Controller PDF
Bassam Ahmad Harb, Ahmad M. Harb, Ahmad F. Al-Ajlouni 240-244

Efficiency Optimization Study of a Centrifugal Pump for Industrial Dredging Applications Using CFD PDF
Luis Obregon, Guillermo Valencia, Jorge Duarte Forero 245-252

Handwritten Word Searching by Means of Speech Commands Using Deep Learning Techniques PDF
Javier Orlando Pinzón-Arenas, Robinson Jiménez-Moreno, César Giovany Pachón-Suescún 253-263

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