Vol 11, No 5 (2018)

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Gamification Procedure Based on Real-Time Multibody Simulation PDF
Suraj Jaiswal, Md Iftekharul Islam, Lea Hannola, Jussi Sopanen, Aki Mikkola 259-266

Probability Characteristics of the Absolute Maximum of the Discontinuous Homogeneous Gaussian Random Field PDF
Oleg Vyacheslavovich Chernoyarov, Andrey Pavlovich Trifonov, Alexandra Valerievna Salnikova, Alexander Viktorovich Zakharov 267-276

Transmission Line Protective Relay Based on Recursive Least-Square Filters and Weights Analysis PDF
David Felipe Celeita Rodriguez, Gustavo Ramos, A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos 277-287

Control of a Furnace and a Heat Exchanger Used in Oil Refining Industry by Using Virtual Environments PDF
Diego Alfonso Rojas, Olga Lucia Ramos Sandoval, Dario Amaya 288-296

Unsteady Combustion Modeling of Metallized Composite Solid Propellant PDF
Alexey Yu. Kraynov, Vasiliy A. Poryazov, Dmitry A. Kraynov 297-305

Accuracy of Axial Localization of Particles from In-Line Hologram by Wavelet Transforms PDF
Said Houmairi, Yassine Tounsi, Abdelkarim Nassim 306-312

Robust Nonlinear Sensorless MPPT Control with Unity Power Factor for Grid Connected DFIG Wind Turbines PDF
Mohammed El Malah, Abdellfattah Ba-razzouk, Elhassane Abdelmounim, Mhamed Madark 313-324

An Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm Using Harmony Memory Search for Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Chakravarthi Narmadha, P. Marichamy, A. E. Narayanan 325-332

A Proposed Technique for Discrimination between Saturation Phenomenon and Short-Circuit Faults in Induction Motor PDF
Miloud Harir, Azeddine Bendiabdellah, Ahmed Hamida Boudinar 333-342

Impact Analysis of PV-Integrated Grid Using Time-Scale Modelling PDF
Mahendra S. Rane, Sushama R. Wagh 343-351

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