Vol 11, No 2 (2018)

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Assessment of Dynamic Line Rating and Photovoltaic Generation Integration and its Impact on Energy Dispatch PDF
Julio Chinchilla-Guarín, William Montaño-Salamanca, Javier Rosero Garcia 51-58

Mathematical Models of Heat Exchange in Multilayer Constructions with Various Thermalphysic Characteristics in Industrial Installations PDF
A. I. Akimov, E. O. Karakulina, I. A. Akimov, Vitaly Tugov 59-66

A Novel Algorithm for Smart Grids-Optimal Load Scheduling PDF
Georges Sarkis, Semaan Georges, Fouad H. Slaoui 67-75

Reliability and Optimization Strategy in an Interconnected Network at a Wind Farm PDF
Anass Gourma, Abdelmajid Berdai, Moussa Reddak, Valerii Tytiuk 76-83

Experimental Study and Numerical Investigation of the Phenomena Occurring During Long Duration Cold Spray Deposition PDF
Antonio Viscusi, Antonello Astarita, Luigi Carrino, Gaetano D'Avino, Carlo de Nicola, Pier Luca Maffettone, Giovanni Paolo Reina, Serena Russo, Antonino Squillace 84-92

Diagnosis of SVM Controlled Three-Phase Rectifier Using Mean Value of Park Currents Technique PDF
Amine Mohamed Khelif, Bilal Djamal Eddine Cherif, Azeddine Bendiabdellah 93-101

A Model Transformation Methodology for Security Integration and Code Generation from Sequence Diagram of System's Internal Behavior PDF
Abdellatif Lasbahani, Mostafa Chhiba, Abdelmoumen Tabyaoui 102-116

Numerical Solution for Blood Losses Phenomenon in Narrow Vessels PDF
Meta Kallista, Nuning Nuraini 117-124

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