Vol 10, No 5 (2017)

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Operational Issues in Symmetric Fuzzy Power Flow PDF
Eduardo Miguel Gouveia, Paulo Moisés Costa, Alireza Soroudi 313-319

Mechanical Characterization and FEM Modeling of Hybrid Metal Foam/Bio-Composite Samples PDF
Antonio Formisano, Massimo Durante 320-327

Analysis of Self-Similar Traffic Models in Computer Networks PDF
Jamil Samih Al-Azzeh, Mazin Al Hadidi, R. Odarchenko, S. Gnatyuk, Z. Shevchuk, Zhengbing Hu 328-336

Linear Active Disturbances Rejection Control (LADRC) Applied for Wind Turbine DFIG Based Operating in Primary Frequency Control for a Micro-Grid PDF
Abdellatif Frigui, Tamou Nasser, Ahmed Essadki, Abdellah Boualouch 337-345

A Vortex-In-Cell Method for the Simulation of Viscous Flows PDF
Michele Ferlauto, Roberto Marsilio 346-354

Electromagnetic Field Radiation Exposure Assessment from Mobile Phones Based on Call-Related Factors PDF
Joseph Isabona, Viranjay M. Srivastava 355-362

Simulation of In-Sensor Processes in the Sensor – Object System Type when Scanning the Elements of Underwater Communication Lines with a Probe Beam PDF
Anton Zhilenkov, Anatoliy Nyrkov, Sergei Chernyi, Sergey Sokolov 363-370

Modeling of the Human Lower-Limb Motion, Design and Control of Knee Joint Orthosis PDF
Victor Musalimov, Yury Monahov, Mart Tamre, Alina Sivitski, Gennady Aryassov, Dmitri Rõbak, Igor Penkov 371-376


Response Surface Methodology-Based Model and Optimization of CO2 Absorption Using Methyldiethanolamine Activated by Piperazine PDF
Abrar Muslim, Safwat Ardy, Syaubari Syaubari 377

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