Vol 9, No 2 (2016)

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Enhanced Analytical Model of a Schottky Barrier CNTFET PDF
Montassar Najari, Wafa Makni, Hassan Ben Ayed, Hekmet Samet 49-55

Modelling, Simulation and Experimentation of PM Spring PDF
Tareq S. El-Hasan 56-63

A Conditional Demand Analysis Based AMR Metered Load Disaggregation: a Case Study PDF
Merkebu Zenebe Degefa, Oriol Semente Tarrago, Matti Lehtonen 64-74

The Partial Linearization of Power-Voltage Curve for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System PDF
Faicel EL Aamri, Hattab Maker, Azeddine Mouhsen, Mohammed Harmouchi 75-84

Scheduling of Hydrothermal Power Systems in Two Seasons Zone with Multistage Optimizations PDF
Ignatius R. Mardiyanto, Hermagasantos Zein, Adi Soeprijanto 85-96

Dynamical Model and Prototype Tests of a Self-Adaptive Mechanical Hand PDF
Vincenzo Niola, Cesare Rossi, Sergio Savino 97-104

FPGA Design and Implementation of an Optimized Adaptive Filter for Real Time Extraction of Vibration Signal Related to Bearing Defects PDF
My Hachem El Yousfi Alaoui, Abdelilah Jilbab, Soumia El Hani 105-113

Modelling and Simulation of Human Lower–Limb Motion PDF
Sergei Zhigailov, Victor Musalimov, Gennady Aryassov, Igor Penkov 114-123

Modeling of Film Flow Temperature in Exchanger at Spiral Fins PDF
Zina Meddeb, Jalel Bel Ghaib, M. Razak Jeday 124-129

Parameter Estimation of Local Volatility in Currency Option Valuation PDF
S. O. Edeki, M. E. Adeosun, E. A. Owoloko, G. O. Akinlabi, I. Adinya 130-133

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