Vol 8, No 2 (2015)

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Comparison of New LVRT Compatible MV Network Short-Circuit Protection Schemes PDF
Hannu Jaakko Johannes Laaksonen 122-131

Electrical Transients Assessment Based on Recording the State Variables Derivatives PDF
Lucian Lupsa-Tataru 132-139

Combining Digital Signal Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Graphs for Modeling Power Quality Disturbances PDF
Davis Montenegro, Gustavo Ramos 140-146

Contribution of FACTS Device for Persisting Optimal Grid Performance Despite Wind Farm Integration PDF
Yahia Saoudi, Hsan Hadj Abdallah 147-153

A Constructive Heuristic Algorithm for Multi-Stage Transmission Expansion Planning Under N-1 Security Constraints PDF
Hamid Khorasani, R. Romero 154-164

Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Validation of Electric Discharge Machining of NiTi Alloys PDF
Vijaykumar S. Jatti, T. P. Singh 165-170

Optimization of Powers by Evolutionary Methods of a Complex Electrical System PDF
R. Rahiel, B. Yssaad, A. Chaker, D. Rahiel 171-175

An LPV Estimation-Based Approach for Fault Diagnosis in Drive Train System PDF
Houda Chouiref, Boumedyen Boussaid, M. Naceur Abdelkrim, Vicenc Puig, Christophe Aubrun 176-185

Analytical Determination of Operating Conditions and Control Laws of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator PDF
Koussaila Mesbah, Tahar Otmane-Cherif, Hamid Seddiki 186-196

Torque Ripple and Harmonic Density Current Study in Induction Motor: Two Rotor Slot Shapes PDF
Jalila Kaouthar Kammoun, Naourez Ben Hadj, Moez Ghariani, Rafik Neji 197-204

Discrete Modeling and Experimental Validation of the Model of a Cantilever Flexible Beam PDF
Antonio Carlos de Assis Silva, João Bosco Gonçalves, Alvaro Manoel de Souza Soares 205-211

Optimization of Buffer Allocation in Manufacturing System Using Particle Swarm Optimization PDF
Katta Lakshmi Narasimhamu, V. Venugopal Reddy, C. S. P. Rao 212-222

Preliminary Dynamics and Stress Analysis of Articulating Non-Telescoping Boom Cranes Using Finite Element Method PDF
Alexander V. Lagerev, Igor A. Lagerev, Andrei A. Milto 223-226

Recognition Improvement of Control Chart Pattern Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Omar El Farissi, Ali Moudden, Said Benkachcha 227-231

Heat Transfer Enhancement Comparisons in Different Tube Shapes PDF
Zaid Sattar Kareem, M. Nazri M. Jaafar, Tholudin Mat Lazim, Shahrir Abdullah, Ammar F. Abdulwahid 232-238

Numerical Study of Rotating Cylinder Effects on the Performance of a Symmetrical Airfoil Section PDF
Saad Ahmed, Argin Nazari 239-244

Comparative Analysis of System Dynamics Software Packages PDF
Vladimír Bureš 245-255

UML-CoMMix Profile for Specifying Requirements and Risk Analysis PDF
Aissam Berrahou, Mohsine Eleuldj, Ouafaa Diouri 256-264

Improvement of Hydrogeological Models: a Case Study PDF
Aivars Spalvins, Janis Slangens, Inta Lace, Olgerts Aleksans, Kaspars Krauklis 265-276

Study of the Reverse Logistics’ Break-Even in a Direct Supply Chain PDF
Fayçal Mimouni, Abdellah Abouabdellah, Hassan Mharzi 277-283

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