Vol 8, No 1 (2015)

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Effect of Resonant Capacitance and Inductance on Peak Capacitor Voltage and Inductor Current in SLR Converter PDF
Mohammad Taufik, Taufik Taufik, Gregory Bergdoll, Jason Brinsfield 1-5

Additional Loss Caused by Drive Cycle Load Transients in Permanent Magnet Traction Motors PDF
Vesa Ruuskanen, Paula Immonen 6-10

Multidimensional Currents Control Systems of Induction Motor Electric Drives PDF
Iurii Valerievich Plotnikov, Vladimir Nikolaevich Polyakov 11-17

Smart Algorithm Based on the Optimization of SVR Technique by k-NNR Method for the Prognosis of the Open-Circuit and the Reversed Polarity Faults in a PV Generator PDF
Wail Rezgui, Nadia Kinza Mouss, Leïla Hayet Mouss, Mohamed Djamel Mouss, Yassine Amirat, Mohamed Benbouzid 18-25

A New Approach in Modelling and Control of Distributed Energy Resources for Performance Optimisation and Reliability Improvement in a Micro Grid PDF
Ezhilarasan Ganesan, Subhransu Sekhar Dash 26-40

Command of the Novel Multilevel Active Power Filter by an Algorithm Through the P-Q Developed PDF
Zoubir Zahzouh, Lakhdar Khochmane, Ali Haddouche 41-47

Performance Investigation of Unified Power Quality Conditioner Using Artificial Intelligent Controller PDF
J. Jayachandran, R. Murali Sachithanandam 48-56

Monte Carlo Simulations of the Plasma-Wall Interactions PDF
S. Lahouaichri, S. Mizani, R. Moultif, J. Louafi, M. Eddahby, A. Dezairi, D. Saifaoui 57-62

Towards 3D Integration of Monolithic X or Γ Ray Detectors Under Possible Electromagnetic Perturbations or Malfunctions PDF
Christian Gontrand, Samir Labiod, Mourad Bella, Mohamed Abouelatta-Ebrahim, Matthieu Despeisse, Francis Calmon, Saïda Latreche 63-74

A Practical Review on the Application of Constraint Handling Strategies in Evolutionary Computation from an Engineering Point of View PDF
Moslem Yousefi, Danial Hooshyar, Rodina Binti Ahmad, Amer Nordin Darus 75-83

Random-Keys Golden Ball Algorithm for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem PDF
Fatima Sayoti, Mohammed Essaid Riffi 84-89

Ride Comfort Performance of Active Vehicle Suspension with Seat Actuator Based on Non-Fragile H∞ Controller PDF
Mohammad Gudarzi, Atta Oveisi 90-98

Numerical Modeling of the Phenomenon of Crystallization of Incompressible Fluid Flows into Rigid Pipes. Application to Polymer Melts PDF
H. EL-Tourroug, Kamal Gueraoui, N. Hassanain, M. Driouich, S. Men-La-Yakhaf 99-103

Skipping Stone to Projectile Ricochet PDF
Vijayalakshmi Murali, S. D. Naik 104-110

Numerical Modeling of Flexible Pavements PDF
N. Bouacha, H. Chelghafe, A. Seboui 111-121

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