Vol 7, No 6 (2014)

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Harmony Search Optimization Based Design of Cost Effective Induction Motor PDF
Padmavathy Sathiyamurthy Prakash, P. Aravindhababu 912-917

A Comparative Study of the Z-N, Adaptation Law and PSO Methods of Tuning the PID Controller of a Synchronous Machine PDF
Gowrishankar Kasilingam, Jagadeesh Pasupuleti 918-926

A Study of the Problem of Load Flow in a Network Involving a Renewable Source of Energy PDF
Sahar Ammous, A. Oualha, H. Hadj Abdallah 927-934

Energy Management and Control Strategy of Hybrid Energy Storage System for Fuel Cell Power Sources PDF
Toufik Azib, Kamel Eddine Hemsas, Chérif Larouci 935-944

Development of a Semi-Empirical Model for Description of PEMFC Polarization Curve Based on Effect of Fuel Crossover and Internal Current Through a PEM PDF
Adil Atifi, Abdellatif El Marjani, Hamid Mounir 945-952

Standalone Hybrid Wind Solar Power Generation System Using Multilevel Converter with Less Number of Switches PDF
Kota Prasada Rao, Sukhdeo Sao 953-963

Modelling of Traversal of Airgaps Using Resonant Inductive Coupling PDF
Hema Ramachandran, G. R. Bindu 964-969

Heat Transfer Enhancement in Spirally Corrugated Tube PDF
Tholudin Mat Lazim, Zaid Sattar Kareem, M. N. Mohd Jaafar, Shahrir Abdullah, Ammar F. Abdulwahid 970-978

Construction Tower Crane SimMechanics-Visualized Modelling, Tower Vibration Impact on Payload Swing Analysis and LQR Swing Control PDF
Thein Moe Win, Timothy Hesketh, Raymond Eaton 979-993

Numerical Study of Heat Diffusion Employing the Lagrangian Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method: an Analysis of the Applicability of the Laplacian Operator and the Influence of the Boundaries on the Solution PDF
Carlos Alberto Dutra Fraga Filho, Julio Tomás Aquije Chacaltana 994-1002

Sensitivity Analysis of Knock Indices and Combustion Noise Evaluation for a S.I. Engine PDF
Daniela Siano, M. A. Panza 1003-1010

Dynamic Analysis of Gate Operated Magnetic Piston (GOPI) Engine Using ANSYS Software PDF
Manoj Kumar Gattani, P. S. Venkateswaran, Pradeepta K. Sahoo, Parag Diwan 1011-1017

Ballistic Reaching Using Visuomotor Maps Constructed with SOM Neural Networks for a Robot Manipulator PDF
Daniel Fernando Tello Gamarra 1018-1022

Modelling of Polyphenol Recovery from Olive Pomace by Response Surface Methodology PDF
Antonio Zuorro 1023-1028

Exact Controllability for 1-d Bilinear Wave Equation PDF
Azzeddine Tsouli, Ali Boutoulout, I. El Harraki 1029-1036

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