Vol 7, No 5 (2014)

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Fault Diagnosis of PMSM Using Artificial Neural Network PDF
Jayarama Pradeep, R. Devanathan 760-767

Online Steady State Detection and Isolation of Fault Measurements Occurred by Sensors and Actuator PDF
Amel Adouni, Mouna Ben Hamed, Lassaad Sbita 768-774

Comparison of Methodologies for the Design of Variable Reluctance Machine PDF
Mama Chouitek, Benaissa Bekouche, Noureddine Benouzza 775-781

Neural Predictive Control of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator PDF
Soraya Zebirate, A. Chaker, A. Feliachi 782-790

3D FE Study of a Hybrid Linear Actuator for Electronic Valve Control Under Thermal Solicitation PDF
Radhia Jebahi, Helmi Aloui, Nadia Chaker 791-796

Control of Z-Source Inverter Based PV System with MPPT Using ANFIS PDF
N. Kalaiarasi, S. Paramasivam, Sanchari Kundu 797-806

Input Current Ripple Reduction Approach for the Interleaved Boost Converter PDF
Saijun Zhang, Xiaoyan Yu 807-815

Accurate Average Model of PDM Dual Inverter PDF
Abdelhalim Sandali, Ahmed Cheriti 816-826

AUV Propulsion Systems Modeling Analysis PDF
Emanuel Pablo Vega, Olivier Chocron, Mohamed El Hachemi Benbouzid 827-837

An Application of Grey Wolf Optimizer for Solving Combined Economic Emission Dispatch Problems PDF
Hong Mee Song, Mohd Herwan Sulaiman, Mohd Rusllim Mohamed 838-844

A New Direct Power Control Scheme Applied to a Grid Connected Fuzzy-MPPT-Controlled Photovoltaic System PDF
Noureddine Hidouri 845-853

Robust Model for Weather-Related Contingency Probability Estimation Used for Risk Based Security Assessment PDF
N. Aminudin, M. Marsadek, N. M. Ramli, T. K. A. Rahman, N. Razali 854-862

Optimization of SVM Classifier by k-NN for the Smart Diagnosis of the Short-Circuit and Impedance Faults in a PV Generator PDF
Wail Rezgui, Kinza-Nadia Mouss, Leïla-Hayet Mouss, Mohamed Djamel Mouss, Yassine Amirat, Mohamed Benbouzid 863-870

Decision Based Fuzzy Rules for RFID Implementation in Supply Chain Management PDF
Muataz Hazza F. Al Hazza, Abduraouf M. Al. Amami, Assem Hatem Taha, Mohd Hafiq Mohd Nadhir 871-877

Depicting Electrical Systems Dynamics by Means of Various Cartesian Planes PDF
Lucian Lupsa-Tataru 878-883

Internal Model Control Based on GANN for a Temperature Control Electrical Furnace PDF
Abdelkader El Kebir, H. Belhadj, A. Chaker, K. Negadi 884-892

Numerical Modelling of Cylindrical Hole Under Equal Biaxial and Uniaxial Tension Loadings at the Infinity PDF
Meriem Fakhreddine Bouali, Achref Hamaidia, Hocine Kouaoucha 893-899

FEM Simulation Based Computation of Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes of Loose Transmission Gearbox Casing PDF
Ashwani Kumar, Himanshu Jaiswal, Pravin P. Patil 900-905

Model-Based Optimization of Copper Complexes Adsorption in Ammoniacal Thiosuphate Resin Solution System PDF
Abrar Muslim 906-911

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