Vol 7, No 4 (2014)

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An Energy Management Strategy for Fuel-cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles via Particle Swarm Optimization Approach PDF
Andrea Del Pizzo, Santolo Meo, Gianluca Brando, Adolfo Dannier, Fabrizio Ciancetta 543-553

Elimination of Lower Order Harmonics in Multilevel Cascaded Inverters with Equal DC Sources Using PSO PDF
Ismail Baharuddin, Syed Hassan Syed Idris 554-560

Simulation of Electronic Circuits with Functional Blocks Based on Current Conveyors PDF
Pavel Brandstetter, Radek Sulak 561-566

High-Q RF CMOS Tunable Active Inductor for multistandard applications PDF
Aymen Ben Hammadi, Mongia Mhiri, Fayrouz Haddad, Sehmi Saad, Kamel Besbes 567-574

Dynamic Modelling and Fault Diagnosis of an Induction Motor PDF
Tanuj Sen, Hari Om Bansal 575-583

Capacity Requirements of Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure with the Evolution of their Market PDF
Farhan H. Malik, M. Lehtonen 584-589

Control Techniques for Accessory Power Unit Employed in Hybrid Electric Vehicle to Reduce the Torque Pulsations and Vibrations PDF
J. Karpagam, V. Kumar Chinnaiyan, R. Uthirasamy 590-597

Evolutionary Programming based Optimal Wind and Thermal Generation Dispatch with valve point effect PDF
K. Dhayalini, S. Sathiyamoorthy, C. Chirstober Asir Rajan 598-604

Enriching Electric Power Quality by using Bee Algorithm in Shunt Active Filters PDF
S. Srinivasan, R. Ganesan 605-612

Maintenance Optimization by Reliability for Power Distribution Systems PDF
M. Adda, Yssaad Benyssaad, A. Chaker 613-618

Study of a Wind Energy Conversion Systems Based on Doubly-Fed Induction Generator PDF
Walid Ouled Amor, A. Ltifi, M. Ghariani 619-625

Modeling and Control of a Wind System based on a DFIG by Active Disturbance rejection control PDF
Rachid Chakib, A. Essadki, M. Cherkaoui 626-637

An ANFIS Based Advanced MPPT Control of a Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Generation System PDF
A. Ali Nazar, R. Jayabharath, M. D. Udayakumar 638-643

Tool for Preliminary Dynamics and Stress Analysis of Articulating Cranes PDF
Alexander Lagerev, Igor Lagerev, Andrei Milto 644-652

Development of Control Interface for HIL Simulation of Electro-Hydraulic Energy Converter PDF
Lauri Olavi Luostarinen, Rafael Åman, Heikki Handroos 653-660

Slip Velocity Effect on Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow Over Moving Permeable Surface with Nonlinear Velocity and Internal Heat Generation/Absorption PDF
Mohammad Hossein Yazdi, I. Hashim, L. K. Moey, K. Sopian 661-670

The Stiffness and Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Iron Particulate Epoxy Composites Defined by Considering the Particle Contiguity PDF
Aimilios Pavlos Sideridis, John Constantine Venetis 671-681

Vehicle Speed Control Using Gain Scheduling PID with Experimental Throttle-in-the-Loop PDF
Faizul Akmar Abdul Kadir, Noreffendy Tamaldin, Mohd Azman Abdullah, Md Razali Ayob, Khisbullah Hudha, Ahmad Kamal Mat Yamin 682-693

An Auto-Tuning Fuzzy PI Controller Using Subtractive Clustering For Spherical Tank Process – A Real-Time Performance Evaluation PDF
R. Dhanalakshmi, R. Vinodha 694-702

LQR Control for Semi-Active Quarter Vehicle Suspension with Magnetorhehological Damper and Bouc-Wen Model PDF
Khalid El Majdoub, H. Ouadi, A. Touati 703-711

Improvement in the Coupling of Procurement Process and Production Planning by Simulation Under Stochastic Demand and Lead Time PDF
Abdessamad Douraid Douraid, Saad Lissane Elhaq, Hamid Ech-Cheikh 712-719

Performance Evaluation of Complex Decentralized and Centralized Multi-Echelon Distribution Supply Chain PDF
Hamid Ech-cheikh, Saâd Lissane El Haq, Abdessamad Douraid 720-728

Emission Reduction in a GDI Engine with Different Injection Timings – A CFD Investigation PDF
P. Ramesh, E: James Gunasekaran 729-739

Modeling the Dynamics of the Laser Oscillation in a Nozzle Cavity Chemical PDF
Laggoun Chaouki, Mohammedi Ferhat 740-747

Modeling and Simulation of a new BIST Circuit with VHDL-AMS: Application for Loop Filter Testing PDF
Intissar Toihria, Rim Ayadi, Mohamed Masmoudi 748-759

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