Vol 12, No 1 (2019)

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Precursors of instability for a vehicle traveling in curve
Giandomenico Di Massa, Sebastian Rosario Pastore, Riccardo Russo, Francesco Timpone

Performance Comparison of Generalize Regression Network, Radial Basis Function Network and Support Vector Regression for Wind Power Forecasting
Jyothi Varanasi, Madan Mohan Tripathi

Simulated Annealing-Based Optimization of Biodegradable Plastic Synthesis
Medyan Riza, Prima Denny Sentia, Andriansyah Andriansyah, Abrar Muslim

Materials flow investigation: an aluminum frames supply chain simulation
Phelipe Viana Ruiz, Patricia Stella Pucharelli Fontanini Stella Pucharelli Fontanini, Fabiano Rogério Corrêa

An approach to compute the design parameters of an epicyclical gear train system
Kaoutar Daoudi, El Mostapha Boudi

Analysis of the Different Conventions of Denavit-Hartenberg Parameters
Jaqueline Bernal, Ricardo Campa

New design and magnetic field analysis of transformer shape with V-connection for core loss reduction in railway system
Padej Pao-la-or

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