Analysis of PWM Strategy for Reduction of Conducted Electromagnetic Interference in an Adjustable-Speed AC Motor Drive

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This paper presents various pulse width modulation (PWM) strategies capable of reducing conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated in PWM voltage-source inverter systems. EMI problems caused by both conducted and radiated noise emissions have become a great concern in electrical/electronic systems. Thus, their effects are currently considerably taken into account in circuit design phase in order to restrict or reduce these severe problems. The proposed PWM strategy, which is one of different traditional and/or novel reduction techniques to solve such a problem, is chosen as an EMI reduction method and studied herein. The simulated results show that active vector PWM strategy seems to be a good alternative for inverter system. The impact of dead time of PWM signals is also investigated and discussed.
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Adjustable-Speed AC Motor Drive; Conducted EMI; Electromagnetic Compatibility; PWM Strategy

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