Sensitive Area Clustering Based on Voltage Stability and Contingency Analyses with Impact of Line Stability Indices

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With a growing concern for maintaining stable voltage operation within the network, many critical issues on voltage stability related studies have been raised in the area of power system research. The problem of voltage stability is one of the main concerns in the operation of power systems. Due to the excessive load demand and non-linearity in loads leads to voltage instability and ultimately leading to voltage collapse. Voltage collapse has to be given the utmost priority because it led to cascading blackouts in the whole network. A voltage stability index is that which examines the voltage stability condition formulated based on line in a power system and identifies sensitive bus of the system to maintain the stable system, which will be great importance. With the help of Voltage stability index, the point of voltage collapse, critical line and critical voltage with respect to load bus are identified. Also this paper deals the development of the sensitive area clustering technique based on the results obtained from voltage stability analysis and contingency analysis. The performance of this index is presented and the effectiveness of the analyzed methods is demonstrated through simulation studies in IEEE 30 bus test systems.
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Contingency Analysis; Contingency Ranking; Voltage Stability; Voltage Stability Index; Sensitive Area Clusters

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