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Optimum Overcurrent Relay Coordination Using Genetic Algorithm with Time Multiplier Setting and Pick-Up Current Setting as Variables

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As the distribution network becomes more complex nowadays, relay protection faces challenges in delivering consistent power to consumers. Several optimum relay coordination techniques are available to find the time multiplier setting by keeping the pick-up current setting constant. The key contribution of this paper is the fast and reliable functioning of the overcurrent relays, which safeguard radial and loop systems by keeping both relay settings adaptable. The shortcomings of the typical overcurrent protection coordination applied for radial and loop systems are identified, and adaptive time multiplier and pick-up current settings are used to remedy the issue. The optimum adaptive settings of the overcurrent relay are found using a genetic algorithm in MATLAB software. These genetic algorithm-based adaptive settings are then used in ETAP software to examine the effectiveness of the proposed technique for relay coordination.
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Protection Coordination; Time-Current Curve; 5-Bus Radial System; 9-Bus WSCC Loop System; Load Flow Analysis; Short Circuit Analysis

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