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Development of Low-Cost Wave Measurement Model Using Ultrasonic Sensor JSN-SR04T for Supporting Seakeeping Test in the Maneuvering and Engineering Ocean Basin (MOB)

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Ocean surface wave behavior and characteristics are difficult to understand because they are more complex and volatile than tides and currents. Wave generators with electric or hydraulic motor drives generate water surface waves in the laboratory with varying frequencies and periods. These waves, also known as seakeeping tests, are used to test the characteristics of floating buildings or ships before they are built by shipyards. A twin wire wave probe with continuous measurement capability is required to measure water surface waves. The measuring instrument has limitations, i.e. it can only be used in one location at a time. In addition, this type of measuring instrument is expensive, and corrosion often occurs on each wire, it tends to make the measurement results biased. Therefore, this study aims to design a wave-measuring device using ultrasonic sensor JSN-SR04T for supporting seakeeping tests in the MOB. The measurement results of a wave measuring instrument using an ultrasonic sensor will be validated with the measurement results from a measuring instrument using a twin-wire wave probe which has been proven to measure waves in MOB.
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JSN-SR04T; Seakeeping; Surface Wave; Ultrasonic Sensor; Twin Wire Wave Probe

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