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Design of an Active Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System Using Fuzzy Ant Colony Controller

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The solar tracker system is a device that can optimize the reception of solar energy by moving the photovoltaic towards the light. This study aims to design a solar tracker structure using 4 LDR sensors. The four LDR sensors will detect the sun's position from the west, the east, the north, and the south. Control based on a fuzzy ant colony controller is applied to the two-axis solar tracker system so that the movement is more responsive to the direction of light. The results of the study show the best performance index of error steady state, rise time, settling time, and maximum overshoot on the set point test using FACC, namely at 10.00 for the pitch axis with 0.5%, 4.39 seconds, 4 seconds, and 0%, and at 14.00 for the yaw axis, with values of 0.24%, 0.68 seconds, 0.23 seconds, and 0%. The FACC system increases the photovoltaic performance by 49.2%, while the FLC system produces a photovoltaic performance of 47.7% compared to photovoltaic in a fixed state.
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Photovoltaic; Two Axis Solar Tracker; Fuzzy Ant Colony Controller

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