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Optimal Fuel Oil Consumption of Diesel Generators Using Particle Swarm Algorithm for AC and DC Distribution Radial Type on Trimaran Ship

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One of the advantages of a DC distribution system is the savings in fuel consumption (FOC). Optimal FOC in diesel engine generators is achieved by optimizing the diesel rotation speed to the lowest SFOC. This paper examines the FOC diesel generator using the PSO algorithm on an AC and DC radial distribution system for trimaran vessels. The procedure starts with the calculation of the electrical load of the trimaran-powered ship in each operating mode. There are two simulation scenarios carried out. In the first scenario, the PSO program is run by determining the number of diesel generators according to the needs of BKI. In the second scenario, the PSO program is run without a limit on the number of diesel engines. After that, it has been determined to obtain data on the relationship between SFOC and the percentage of load from the generator used on the trimaran ship. Then, it models the mathematical function of SFOC on power and rotation and, finally, the FOC optimization process using the PSO method. The optimization results are in the form of fuel consumption values for each operating mode which will then be compared. The results have showed that in both scenarios, fuel savings (FOC) has been more efficient for the DC distribution system than the AC distribution system. The fuel economy is higher on the DC distribution system in the second scenario than in the first scenario. Although the number of diesel generators is higher and the generator power is smaller.
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DC Distribution System; FOC; Generator Scheduling; PSO Optimisation

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