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Influence of Atmospheric Turbulence on Wind Turbine’s Rotor Teeter Dynamics

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Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy. The mass and the cost of a wind turbine affect the cost of energy. A two-bladed wind turbine costs less than the most popular three-bladed wind turbine since it has one blade less. Although the less cost, the rotor dynamics of a two-bladed turbine limits its use. Due to the unbalanced loads of a two-bladed turbine, the rotor has an extra system for the rotor teeter. In this work, the rotor teeter dynamics are investigated under the influence of atmospheric turbulence. The AWT-27 two-bladed wind turbine is simulated for two different turbulence intensities of the values 10% and 50% turbulence at a mean wind speed of 12 m/s. The higher turbulence intensity indicates a 400% increase in the rotor mean teeter deflection. The rotor teeter mean velocity and acceleration increase as well by the ratios of 160% and 660% respectively. This massive increase in the teeter dynamics affects the fatigue loading of the rotor and hence reduces the lifetime of the wind turbine.
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AWT-27; Rotor Dynamics; Rotor Teeter; Turbulence; Two-Bladed Wind Turbine Wind Energy

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