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Reliability Analysis of a Wind Turbine Blade

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In the context of sustainable development, given the double planetary challenge posed by the imminent depletion of fossil energy resources and the damaging effects of fossil fuels on nature, renewable energies are emerging as a good alternative. Today, the installation of wind parks is increasing worldwide, and aerodynamic research on wind turbines is highly specialized. By using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), it is possible to evaluate the influence of loads on the aerodynamic performance of the wind turbine blade. In order to increase its performance and reliability, a good modelling of the airflow around the turbine is very important. In this paper, the study is divided into three parts. First, the aerodynamic study of the blade has been performed with ANSYS CFX. Secondly, the modal analysis in pre-stressed mode has been carried out to find the natural frequencies of the blade with ANSYS MECHANICAL. Then the last part is devoted to the reliability study of the wind turbine blade with FORM and SORM methods developed with a MATLAB code.
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Wind Energy; CFD; ANSYS; Finite Volume; Method; Finite Element Method; Reliability; FORM SORM; Fluid-Structure Interaction; Modal Analysis; Natural Frequency; MATLAB

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