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Modeling and Optimization of Dynamic Vehicle Crash Behavior

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This work presents an approach based on the design by impact scenario and a method for optimizing the design of a numerical model for vehicle impacts. The study aims to predict part failure during the design phase, based on numerical simulation methods that allow a very detailed description of the structure's dynamic behavior and resulting phenomena. Subsequently, it is possible to identify the areas of improvement and the optimization choices to ensure the design's robustness. The application concerns the numerical simulation of frontal impact calculations, allowing studying the structure's dynamic behavior in detail. Two approaches for analyzing the structural dynamic behavior will be identified: the energy absorption method and the avoidance method, which consists of identifying the effort path and the parts that need to be broken, thereby affecting the vehicle's rotation. The techniques and the solutions presented in this paper represent the vehicle design approaches that can be applicable to the robust crashworthiness aspects of passenger cars. They can also serve as inspiration for using advanced simulation technology to develop future safety strategies.
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Numerical Simulation; Structure; Design; Crash Scenario; Dynamic Behavior

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