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Design of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor by Means of Power Density Optimization For e-Vehicle Applications

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Recently, electric vehicle marketing strategies focus on the high efficiency and cost effectiveness provided by the permanent magnet synchronous machines required for electric vehicle traction. Therefore, the main objective of this study is to produce an efficiently and economical technology for the electric vehicle market offering high power density permanent magnet synchronous machines. The methodology consists of considering an electric vehicle traction chain based on the permanent magnet synchronous machine thanks to its several advantages like efficiency, wide operating range, and high torque density. The machine design improvement is treated as the main component of the considered traction chain in order to assure the power density raise. The approach of the machine design by optimization is based on the elaboration of analytical models to find its feasible structure considering the multi-disciplinary analysis. The relevance of these models is validated by the finite element method. The models are integrated to elaborate the optimization problem based on a particle swarm optimization in order to improve the power density of the proposed machine by minimizing the mass of its active constructive materials. As a result, an optimal permanent magnet synchronous machine is offered for the electric vehicle drive train market, providing a 44.17% power density raise.
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Permanent Magnet Motor; Finite Element Calculation; Motor Design; Particle Swarm Optimization; Electric Vehicles

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