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Study of Airfoil Characteristics on NACA 4415 with Reynolds Number Variations

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This study uses computational methods to analyze fluid flow characteristics NACA 4415 in ultra-low, low, and moderate Reynolds number categories. The turbulence model chosen is the standard k-ε. The ultra-low Reynolds number used is 5×10^3, while the Reynolds number for the low category is 4.17×10^4. For the moderate category, the Reynolds number is 3×10^6. The variation of the grid being tested is the grid with the number of elements 5×10^4, 10^5 and 2×10^5. The grid with the number of elements 2×10^5 gives the best results. At the ultra-low Reynolds number, there is no stall condition. The stall condition at the low Reynolds number is AoA=12°. At the moderate Reynolds number, the stall occurs at AoA=18°. The largest Cl is in the moderate Reynolds number. Meanwhile, the smallest Cd is at the ultra-low Reynolds number. Based on the analysis of pressure contours, velocity contours and velocity streamlines, the fluid flow patterns seen are not much different. However, there is a significant difference in their values.
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NACA 4415; Reynolds Number; Ultra-Low; Low; Moderate

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