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Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Digitally Controlled Passive Phase Shifter Circuit for Bearing Angle Control in Multiple Antenna System

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A Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) digitally controller passive phase shifter circuit for bearing angle control in multiple antenna systems with the changes of the frequency angle or phase shift by using the passive component is presented. The circuit has been designed by using TSMC 0.18 um CMOS technology on the Advanced Design System (ADS) software. This project aims to look for multiple phase transition angles on the same circuit by using the switch in order to get different shifter pattern selectors in series with a digital phase tuning phase adapted using digital capacitors and inductors loading a lumped element transmission line. The phase shifter has a range of 360° with 5.6° resolution at 8-11 GHz frequency band. These CMOS phase shifter characteristics are attractive for multiple antennae and commercial phased array communication systems where cost, size, weight, power and high linearity are required.
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Bearing Angle; CMOS; Digital Control; Multiple Antenna System; Phase Shifter

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