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Finite Element Analysis of Electric Field Distribution for 115-kV Underground Power Transmission Systems

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A penetration of an electric field intensity generated by an underground cable and a detailed model for demonstrating the actual characteristics are still a challenge. Hence, this article has proposed a mathematical model for diagnosing the electric field intensity of the 115 kV underground power cable, using the 3D finite element method to simulate the electric field while the 115 kV underground cable is available. The proposed finite element method-based 3-D model utilizes a linear sub-derivative equation method, which consists of the weighted residuals and the Galerkin’s methods. The flat and the trefoil formations are considered for the modeling and the simulations of the electric field distributions using the proposed 3-D finite element method. The simulated results demonstrate that the proposed method can reveal the graphical electric field distribution in 3-D around the 115 kV underground cables with detailed characteristics. Moreover, the electric field distributions using the proposed model at various underground depths are demonstrated in comparison between the flat and the trefoil formations. Thus, the proposed method can demonstrate the actual characteristics of the underground cable and the cable arrangement penetration at the various formations.
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Electric Field; Underground Power Transmission Line; 3-D FEM

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