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Two Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Three-Phase Hydrodynamics in Turbulent Bed Contactor

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In recent years, Turbulent Bed Contactors (TBC) have become widely spread and used in the process industry; their prominence came as a result of their low capital, low operating costs and high efficiency. This paper aims to present a simulation of the hydrodynamic characteristics of a three phase (air-water-beads) turbulent bed contactor. The multi-phase Eulerian model is utilized to create a two-dimensional computational model, which has the ability of evaluating the hydrodynamic characteristics of bed contactors under various operational conditions. While incrementing the superficial velocity of the gas, the bed pressure drop is studied at varied operating conditions; static bed heights and liquid flow rates being two examples. Thereafter, the results of the simulated pressure drop were compared with and confirmed by previously obtained experimental data; furthermore, there was little to no difference in contrast to simulated results and the experimentally obtained data for varying operating conditions. This research adds to our understanding of the design and operational parameters that can affect the efficiency of turbulent bed contactors.
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Turbulent Bed Contactor; Two-Dimensional; Three-Phase Hydrodynamics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Pressure Drop; Eulerian Model

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