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Smooth 2D Navigation in Hazardous Areas Utilizing a GA-PID Controlled Omnidirectional Mobile Robot with Kinematic Constraint Consideration

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Given the increase use of modern technology in today’s life, many facility appliances provide efficient ways to protect human from hazardous work areas, such as explosives, and nuclear plants. This paper proposes a four omnidirectional-wheels mobile robot based on a Mecanum wheel that can navigate smoothly taking into consideration the kinematic constraint. In this research, Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used for two purposes. First, GA-PID controller is used, where a PID controller is tuned using GA. Second, the kinematic constraint of the motor’s speed is taken into consideration using GA controller. GA finds the appropriate robot velocity that requires about 90% of the rated maximum motor’s speed. In order to evaluate the performance of the developed robot and its controller, MATLAB is used to verify the robustness of the optimized GA-PID controller taking into consideration the motors’ speeds. The error and the robot motors’ speeds are calculated utilizing MATLAB simulation on different complex shapes and the result shows that the robot can smoothly navigate complex shapes without exceeding the rated maximum motors speed.
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Controller Constraint; GA-PID; Kinematic Constraint; Mecanum Wheel; Navigation; Omnidirectional-Wheels Robot

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