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Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Fin Shaped Geometry for Sacrificial Anode Body to Reduce the Hull Appendages Effect

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On the previous research, the foil shaped has been proposed to improve the drag force characteristics of the conventional zinc anode as sacrificial cathodic protection. As a part of the previous research efforts, the aim of this research is to evaluate the hydrodynamics characteristics of fin shaped geometry for sacrificial anode body to reduce the hull appendages effects. The configuration of fin shaped geometry has been proposed in order to improve the total drag force that has been generated by the conventional geometry design of the existing sacrificial anodes. The unstructured grid of computational fluid dynamic model has been developed for estimating the total drag force, the drag force coefficient and the flow pattern of the fin shaped geometry. The flow velocity has been defined on the vessel service speed of 5 knots, 8 knots and 10 knots. Comparison with the conventional geometry has been made to measure the influence of the configurations of fin shaped geometry on the total drag force and the drag force coefficient. The results show that the proposed fin shaped geometry has effectively reduced the total drag force of the conventional design.
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Fin Shaped Zinc Anode; Drag Force; Flow Pattern; Sacrificial Anode and Hull Appendages

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