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Intelligent Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Genetic Algorithm Controller for Anti-Lock Braking System

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Braking system plays a major safety feature in any vehicle; it is considered as one of the key points in safe motoring. The main objective of a good braking system is to provide safe stopping, in addition to the fact that it provides repeatable stopping. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is one of the recently developed safety feature used in a vehicle in order to prevent wheels from locking.  This article proposes an intelligent adaptive fuzzy logic (FL) genetic algorithm (GA) controller for the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) to control the braking of a vehicle by controlling the slip ratio based on quarter car model. The main objective of the proposed controller is to prevent wheels from locking, which is a major safety issue in any braking system for different road conditions. The proposed controller consists of a Fuzzy Logic (FL) Genetic Algorithm (GA) based controller. The Genetic Algorithm is utilized in tuning the membership functions of the Fuzzy logic controller, which is developed to calculate the amount of reduction of the applied torque due to applying brake based on the error of the measured slip ratio signal compared with the desired one. Then a Genetic Algorithm (GA) is utilized in tuning the Fuzzy Logic parameters, which are the center of the Gaussian membership function, and the spread (б). The simulation results of the proposed fuzzy logic genetic algorithm controller are compared with both the results of the Fuzzy logic controller and the PD controller developed in previous work of the authors. The simulation results present many advantages of using Fuzzy Logic Genetic Algorithm based controller over both the Fuzzy Logic and the PD controllers, and the simulation is carried out at different road conditions, namely dry, wet and icy road surface.
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Anti-lock Braking System (ABS); Fuzzy Logic (FL) Controller; Genetic Algorithm (GA); PD Controller; Quarter Car Model

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