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Effect of Profile Shift Factor on Contact Stress and Natural Frequencies of Spur Gear

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High levels of contact stress between mating teeth can damage the contact surface and hall structure of spur gears, driving research that has aimed to minimize this stress. This study analyzed the effects of the profile shift factor (x) on the contact stress between a pair of spur gear teeth. Five profile shift factors were considered, from x = 0 (standard spur gear) to x=0.2. For each case, theoretical results were calculated based on the Hertzian contact theory and ISO-equations of contact stress and subsequently compared with results generated in the ANSYS Workbench software using the finite element method. Modal analysis was performed to compare the mode shape frequencies of all profile shift factor values. The harmonic responses indicate that the stresses generated by our geometry are less than the maximum material stress.
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Contact Stress; Profile Shift Factor; Spurs Gear; Contact Ratio Factor; ISO Standard; ANSYS; Modal Analysis; Harmonic Response Analysis

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