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Prediction Model Study on Dust Concentration Under Airflow Control in Fully Mechanized Heading Face

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In view of the fact that airflow state of the air outlet under the long-distance excavation of the fully mechanized face cannot dynamically change, serious dust accumulation can occur in the roadway and the risk of pollution will rise sharply. However, changing the airflow control parameters can reduce the dust concentration effectively. In this paper, the S1200-III fully mechanized face in the Ningtiaota Mine is used as an object. The hydrodynamic theory and the numerical simulation experiments are used to analyze the dust concentration distribution under the direction of the air outlet, the caliber, and the back-and-forth distance. Based on the sample data of the correlation of dust concentration, a multiple linear regression analysis method has been used to establish a prediction model of the correlation between airflow control parameters and dust concentration. The optimal control scheme has been determined and verified by underground testing. The results show that the dust concentration at the driver and  pedestrian breathing-height location has been reduced by 34% and 28.6% when it is 5 m from the head of the excavation compared with the previous regulation, respectively. In order to improve airflow distribution of the fully mechanized face and to reduce the dust concentration effectively, new methods are provided.
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Fully Mechanized Face; Airflow Control; Numerical Simulation; Predictive Model; Dust Concentration

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