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Flat Linear Induction Motor in the Electric Drive of a Milling Plant with Rotating Millstones

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Flour is a food product; therefore, it is essential to preserve the maximum minerals and vitamins in its production. The study aims to increase the productivity and energy efficiency of the stone mill electric drive. The paper analyses different motors for the stone mill electric drive and introduces a Flat Linear Induction Motor (FLIM). Its design includes an inductor and a secondary element (rotor), a rotating disk with attached millstones. This motor is simple to manufacture and reliable in operation. The paper considers the rational decisions of the stone mill with the FLIM electric drive. A mathematical model was developed, an experimental milling plant with the FLIM was studied to assess the stone mill efficiency. A FLIM, unlike a rotation motor, involves end effects that can be effectively used in the stone mill, in particular, for millstone vibration during their rotation. Stone mills with the FLIM electric drive will allow launching efficient and energy-saving production machines on the world market for producing whole-grain flour in individual production.
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Flat Linear Induction Motor; Mathematical Model; Mechanical Characteristics of the Electric Drive; Stone Mill; Whole-Grain Flour

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