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Efficiency Improvement of the Layered Seed Movement When Using Drum-Type Seed Disinfectant

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Seed processing before sowing is an economically rational technological operation. It should be performed to protect plants against pests and diseases and to initiate plant growth. For this purpose, technical devices such as an auger, chamber, and drum-type seed disinfectants are used. As it is noted in the paper, devices of the first two types have some disadvantages. Therefore, special attention should be paid to drum-typed devices. However, despite their obvious advantages in terms of reducing damage and the possibility of working with biological products, the issue of processing improvement is not studied rather well. In addition, the influence of such parameters as diameter, slope angle, rotation rate, and the coefficient of seeds friction against the cylindrical drum internal surface was studied. Based on the research, a constructive decision to set ring inserts of a particular width inside the cylindrical drum was offered. The inserts should be made of materials having different coefficients of fraction against seeds. All the rational parameters of the made decision are justified.
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Finite Elements Method (FEM); Drum; Drum-Typed Seed Disinfectant; Protective and Stimulating Specimens; Seeds Processing

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