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Mathematical Modelling of the Effect of X/R and Short Circuit Ratio on Voltage in a Distribution System Connected Wind Farm

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Increasing capacity of interconnected wind farms to distribution networks significantly affects voltage stability because of wind farm limitation in regulating reactive power. Therefore, the main aspect in the design and planning of a distribution system connected wind farm is to analyse voltage stability at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC). The Short Circuit Ratio (SCR) and the overall system X/R ratio highly influence voltage stability at the interconnection point. This paper investigates the significance of X/R ratio and SCR on voltage profile at the PCC of a distribution network penetrated by wind farm and develops the general form of mathematical relations between these parameters. The significant advantage of the presented over existing voltage stability approaches is that the proposed relations simplify the assessment of voltage stability at a given connection point by removing the need to carry out complex computational tasks and simulating the network.
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Wind Farm; Voltage Stability; Mathematical Modelling; Short Circuit Capacity; Short Circuit Ratio; X/R Ratio

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