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A Simulation on Hybrid Speed and Flux Estimation-Based Back EMF Integration with Rotor Flux-Oriented Current Model

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Induction Motor (IM) in Electric Vehicles (EVs) is the main component to drive the EV, and it should be fully controlled and robust due to the frequent changes in the vehicle’s speed. Therefore, this paper presents a hybrid sensorless control method to achieve the decoupling between flux and torque using Indirect Field-Oriented Control (IFOC) strategy to control the IM in order to have a minimum range of speed error due to speed changes. The idea is triggered because of the drawbacks of speed sensors, which increase the complexity in the controller model and increase the communication time lag between the sensors. Therefore, an accurate estimation observer using a modified voltage model based on the rotor flux-oriented current model has been proposed to estimate flux and speed in order to achieve the decoupling control. It also will have an automatic speed trajectory during speed changes by testing with various speed references that mimic road speed conditions. The results are in a good agreement with the suggested hybrid sensorless control, wherein the IM is able to increase its speed-tracking capability when changes are generated at the control input. This control scheme is developed through MATLAB/Simulink and simulated for verification.
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Induction Motor (IM); Electric Vehicle (EV); Machine Vector Control; PI Control; Sensorless Control; Estimation Techniques

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